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 Benefits of Heat Reflective Coatings

Benefits of Heat Reflective Coatings

We are all aware of the brutal heat of Dubai. In a city where the temperature reaches an astounding 52.8 °C, it becomes necessary for us to take appropriate measures to shield the building from scorching sun. Apart from air-conditioning the buildings, there’s also another way to reduce heat. Heat Reflective Coating, as the name suggests, reflects heat, which allows for more cooler building. Along with lowering heat within, heat reflective coatings have several other benefits. They are:

  1. Saves Energy: Since the usage of AC drops, it also means a drop in electricity usage. Heat reflective coatings also increase the reusing of old rooftop structures, thus sparing the energy consumed on delivering more up-to-date designs, shipping, and introducing them onto homes and structures.
  2. Saves Money: An unknown and often surprising fact about heat reflective coating is that it only requires a fraction of reroofing. In addition to reduced application costs, heat reflective coating also decreases air-conditioning usage, which leads to reduced utility costs.
  3. Environmental Impact: As mentioned earlier, the heat in Dubai mandates the continuous usage of air-conditioning. However, since heat reflective coatings deflect the majority of the heat, the requirement of ACs drop. As much energy is saved, these coating cools buildings and creates a healthier and safer environment.
  4. Lasting Materials: Without a doubt, sunlight and UV rays deteriorate the life of a roof. But applying heat reflective coatings helps control moisture and stops the growth of mold and lichen. Therefore, along with reducing heat, this coating also reduces maintenance costs and prolongs a roof’s life.

Certainly, heat reflective coatings is an impressive creation of technology and minds. With its several benefits, it’s not surprising that it’s becoming more popular these days.

Mr. Charles Howard,
Consultancy Services International


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