Thermilate e-coat

Thermilate e-coat utilizes the Thermilate ceramic spheres to reflect heat.

This technology has now been adopted for use in the domestic and industrial environment. Research and development has lead to the production of a light elastomeric liquid solution, which is not only easy to apply to most structures but also capable of reducing the solar loading of very large surfaces in extreme sunlight. In fact Thermilate e-coat has been shown to reduce heat gain from the sun by up to 40%. Thermilate e-coat is an elastomeric, energy saving, flexible 100% water based acrylic coating. When applied as directed, this product bridges minor surface imperfections, protects against driving rain, provides out-standing durability, and offers long lasting protection, as well as offering energy saving in both cold and hot climates.

Get more details on Energy savings feature of Thermilate e-coat from “HEAT REFLECTING COATING” section.

Key Features

  • Saves energy. Reflects heat. High Solar Reflective Index
  • High Elongation – Excellent Crack bridging and seals joints.
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Resistant to atmospheric pollution
  • Stable over a wide range of temperature variations
  • Non-toxic & environmentally friendly
  • Remains intact on flexible surfaces
  • Excellent crack bridging
  • Resistant to UV degradation
  • Bonds well to a wide range of surfaces
  • Gloss retention & Mildew resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Rapid drying for quick re-coating
  • Easy clean up with soap and water

Application of Thermilate e-coat

Waterproofing and thermal insulation to new and existing roofs, sidings, and other surfaces on a wide range, and other surfaces on a wide range of substrates such as:

  • Precast and in-situ concrete
  • Smooth masonry
  • Plaster and smooth stucco
  • Fibre-cement and GRC panels
  • Sprayed PU foam
  • Bituminous sheeting and coatings
  • Galvanized steel and alum sheeting
  • Fiberglass and plastic water tanks
  • Most previously painted surfaces