Heat Reflective Coating in UAE

Heat Reflective Coating

Thermilate insulating technology quite simply creates a thermal barrier which reflects heat once the paint, coating or plaster has dried. So properties in hot climates save energy and save money on air-conditioning bills when exterior walls and roofs are coated with Thermilate products, because less solar heat passes through these surfaces into the buildings. Conversely, properties in cool climates save energy and save money on heating bills when interior walls and ceilings are painted with Thermilate products because heat loss is reduced when painted with Thermilate products.

Another important feature of Thermilate insulating technology is that condensation problems are dramatically reduced or eliminated entirely due to the special resins and an effective water proofing system sealing all joints.


Heat Reflective Coating

How Thermilate e-coat works.

Thermilate insulating coatings contain tiny ceramic micro-spheres of 30-100 microns in diameter.

The tiny microspheres act as highly efficient thermal barriers, so that when the coating dries, they forma barrier against heat transfer.

The layer is created by the microspheres coming closer together as the coating dries, until they eventually touch each other forming a single, very thin, thermal barrier.

This barrier reflects, reflects and dissipates heat, thereby keeping heat in as structure during the cold months and out of the structure during the hot months.

As they are true microspheres, the ceramic particles do not add weight but increase the strength of thecoating. This helps to keep down the weight loading on the structure being coated.