Insulating Glass Coating in UAE

Fire Retardant Coating

Fire Safety codes stipulates that fire retardant and intumescent paints have to use approved applicators who are skilled and equipped to apply paint as per the manufacturer’s recommendation and system requirements.

Thermilate Middle East is glad to announce that we have obtained Dubai Civil Defense approval for application of Fire Retardant and Intumescent paint.

We provide professional expertise on supply and apply of Fire Retardant/Intumescent paint on projects.

Intumescent Coating in UAE

Structures under construction can be made fire resistant. As soon as the surface is enclosed, spray all exposed interior surfaces (studs, trusses, subfloor, joists, interior of outside walls, etc. with fire retardant coating, Use on substrates that are enclosed and/or in areas that are warm and dry. This will provide the structure with a long term fire retardant protection.

APPLICATION: Treat before, during or after construction. Be sure surface is clean and dry before treating. Apply with sprayer head held at 15-20 cm from surface. Apply with brush or roller.  May be necessary to wipe on hardwood surfaces. Treat all surface areas where possible. Do not expose treated area to moisture for 24 hours.