T103 Butyl Sealant

T103 Butyl Sealant is a non-curing one component sealant based on butyl rubber. It is highly elastic, low permeability, non-smelling and resistant to weather and time. It has excellent adhesion on metal and other materials. Its excellent adhesion makes it ideal for use as waterproof, seal air leaks, and temperature resistant. It is highly versatile and is widely used in construction sealing, especially steel structures and roofing constructions. 


  1. A non-curing sealant, providing excellent performance while the steel panel is at low and high temperature.
  2. It is neutral sealant, which does not corrode the steel panel.
  3. Cost-effective and can withstand temperature between -40℃ to 90℃.


Seal gaps, joints, Cracks, overlapping area and ventilation area of steel roof structures. The joints of steel sheets is usually sealed with double sided sealant tapes which after prolong exposure to extreme weather, wind, or other outside forces becomes hard. These tapes cannot synchronize with the movement of sheet at joints, resulting in continuous water leaks. T103 Butyl sealant can truly seal the joints and perform as permanently flexible even after 15 years.

Applying Method 

1)Make sure the surface is clean and dry
2)Cut nozzle to desired size, puncture seal inside the nozzle
3)Load cartridge into the caulking gun and apply
4)Any adjustment on the surface can be made before the sealant dries.
5)Apply the product between 5 to 45℃ (40 to 95℉) for the best result.

6)  If exposed to Sun directly, Fix CS102 reinforcement roofing fabric over the sealant   followed by 2 coats of Thermilate e-coat (High SRI ceramic coating).