Back Painted Glass Dubai

Back Painted Glass

Additive for painting any type of Glass. It helps in getting a scratch resistant, no peel and easily applied back painted glass.

Back painted glass can be bonded to most substrates.

The system involves the use of locally available two pack PU paint, together with a third specially developed liquid additive component. In one simple application, this combination produces beautiful colored glass with a level of toughness and practicality previously unavailable.

Back painted glass can transform ordinary glass into a decorative piece of art. You can use back painted glass to laminate walls, counter areas, shower enclosures, or cabinet faces. It has been used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, and luxury villas.

Install back painted glass just like you would install a mirror using the same fixings and adhesives.

Additive added paint when applied to the surface of the glass, forms a durable finish, which retains the fullness of the color applied. Technically, it can be applied to any glass type to get a decorative finish.