Roof Coat

A roofing compound based on special acrylic emulsion, which cures to form a flexible waterproof membrane.

Can be used on a variety of roof substrates including concrete, asbestos, tiles etc. The cured membrane has outstanding bonding properties, elasticity and tensile strength to accommodate substrate movement. Helps to insulate the buildings from the high outside temperatures.

It is also used to fix reinforcement mesh over Butyl tapes.


Finish Smooth, silk
Colours White and pastel colours
Specific Gravity 1.28 ± 3% kg/litre
Solids (% by weight) 60 ± 3%
Elongation (ASTM D-412) 500% at break
Recommended D.F.T. 0.5 mm per coat
Theoretical Spreading Rate 0.8 m2/litre/coat depending on nature of the surface
Drying Time *
Touch Dry 2 – 3 hours at 30oC
Overcoating Time* 12 hours at 30oC
Hard  Dry Overnight
Thinner/Equipment Cleaner Water. Equipments should be cleaned immediately after use
Flash Point Non – inflammable
Method of Application Roller or spray. Brush can be used on small areas and for touch up.
Shelf Life Two years when stored in original sealed containers in a cool, dry place

*Drying and over coating times are dependent on temperature, film thickness and ventilation


The surface must be clean, dry and free from dust and other loose particles. All cracks, gaps, blowholes and joints must be filled prior to the application. For detailed information, please refer our information sheet on surface preparation.


Stir the contents well before use. If applying on new concrete, dilute the first coat 30-40% with clean water to act as a primer. Apply two coats by roller or spray at right angles to each other. For best protection, press a layer of glass fibre reinforcing onto the first coat while still wet.


1 USG & 20 kg


Store in a cool dry place, well ventilated, protected from heat and direct sunlight. Containers must be kept tightly closed.