InsOplast is a breathable, fibre reinforced cement plaster/render approved and listed by OFGEM as the only energy-saving plaster product. The insulating capabilities of the plaster reduces energy transfer, making it up to 70% MORE thermally efficient and 80% lighter than conventional plaster


It is easier to mix and apply than traditional plaster mix and is one of the most cost-effective insulation products available today. InsOplast can be napped, floated, sponged or sprayed for a superior which finish. 

When used externally in hot climates, InsOplast reflects the heat AWAY from buildings to keep the interior cooler without heavy reliance on air-conditioning.

InsOplast is used to plaster and render a variety of buildings, providing insulation and energy-savings in homes, offices, shops, hotels, factories, warehouses.


  • REDUCES HEAT LOSS by up to 70%
  • LESS ENERGY NEEDED so lowers heating bills.
  • PERFECT TO USE where space is limited.
  • MADE FROM natural materials.
  • BREATHABLE so prevents condensation & mould.
  • FIRE resistant.